Preparation for issuing of certificate of origin

  • Documents required for C/O issuance application
    • Cost and Production Statement (ex: Origin Verification Questionnaire)
    • Export Declaration Certificate
    • Import Declaration Certificate for the raw materials used within the production
      of the goods in question (if exporter declared import)
    • Contracts regarding export transactions
    • Supporting documents for production or purchase of raw materials and/or the goods in question
    • Cost Statement, list of raw materials and production process description
    • Inventory book for raw materials and products in question
    • Document submitted to the exporter by the producer for proof of origin of the goods in question (Origin Declaration)
  • To qualify for preferential tariff treatment under the Korea-Vietnam FTA, a certificate of origin for goods must be completed by the exporter or producer.

Form of C/O

Certificate of Origin PDF Download

Source : Yes FTA